Welcome to the Australasian Association of Philosophy’s Women’s Works database. This version supersedes an earlier version developed by Cynthia Townley, Mitch Parsell and Albert Atkin which was funded by Macquarie University. It has been constructed by Karen Green, with the assistance of Maximilian Sipowicz, with funds provided by the AAP.

As with the earlier version, the aim of the database is to help academics to find suitable material, published by female philosophers, for inclusion in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in philosophy. Unlike other databases with a similar aim, such as the Diversity Reading List it does not attempt to promote all vectors of diversity, but simply to encourage the use of essays written by female philosophers on central issues in philosophy, focussing on already influential works and authors. We have attempted to keep the database fairly small and selective with an eye to accessible articles on topics traditionally covered in undergraduate philosophy courses. We have mostly recommended journal articles, rather than books or book chapters, since these are now readily available through the internet. A few seminal books are also included.

Suggestions of further works by women, appropriate for teaching, are warmly encouraged. Please use the ‘Add Text’ button to make suggestions. Articles in areas of philosophy where female authored texts are traditionally underrepresented are particularly welcome.

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